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Shareholder engagement in the family business with Family & Co

Shareholder Engagement In The Family Business With Family & Co

On May 29, 2024, an exceptional evening dedicated to “shareholder engagement in the family business” was organized by Family & Co. On this occasion, our president Isabelle Bailly shared her experience and her vision of family shareholding, which constitutes one of the pillars of the success of SNECI.

SNECI, a family success story

The history of SNECI has been closely linked to family commitment since its creation. Founded in 1952 by Eric Chabrerie, the company has survived the decades thanks to the transmission of values ​​and commitment across generations. In 1989, Isabelle Bailly took over management of the company, succeeding her father and thus representing the second generation. More recently, in 2022, Stanislas Bailly took over by becoming CEO of SNECI, marking the entry of the third generation at the head of the company.

To remember from Isabelle Bailly’s intervention

During this evening, Isabelle Bailly insisted that the family’s commitment to SNECI is not only motivated by financial objectives. This commitment is based above all on strong values ​​and is broken down into three major axes:

  • Attachment to the family adventure: Isabelle underlined the importance of the history, profession and evolution of the family business. Each generation has made its contribution, thus enriching the common heritage.
  • Harmony and family cohesion: For Isabelle, the key to success lies in avoiding conflicts and fostering consensus through fluid communication. This harmony is essential to maintaining a common and united vision of the company’s future.
  • Mutual decision-making influence: Collegial decision-making is another fundamental pillar. Listening to each other and making decisions together builds trust and commitment among each family member.

We are extremely proud of this family commitment which guides our actions and ensures the continuity and prosperity of SNECI. Yesterday evening was also the opportunity to launch the first Family & Co study entitled “The keys to shareholder engagement: what do family members say?”. This study provides valuable insights into the practices and challenges of family ownership.

To know more

We invite you to consult the complete Family & Co study to discover the insights and testimonials collected. Find the study here: The keys to shareholder engagement.

This evening was a fantastic opportunity for reflection and exchange on the values ​​and practices that strengthen family businesses. At SNECI, we will continue to rely on this strong commitment to build our future.

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