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 SOURCING Purchasing & Supply Chain

  • SNECI Client: European Hydraulics System Supplier in France & Italy
  • Research for: Suppliers in China, India, Turkey, Romania and Poland
  • Parts: Iron casted and machined parts for Pumps & Valves
Complex parts Global Sourcing

SNECI Activities

  • Identification of over 100 suppliers per country
  • Based on RFIs creation of short-list of potential suppliers
  • Signature of NDAs and presentation of RFQs
  • Technical and economical analysis (EXW and DDP) of RFQ answers
  • Recommendation of suppliers


  • Initial report at the end of RFI phase and Final report with recommendations
  • Suppliers chosen based on SNECI recommendations:
  • For the plant in Italy: 1 casting supplier in Turkey; 1 machining supplier in Poland
  • For the plant in France: 1 casting and 1 machining supplier in China
  • Mission lead-time: 6 months
  • Co-investment in the production line of the Chinese supplier

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