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Powertrain Powertrain Application

  • SNECI Client: Korean Supplier
  • Customer of parts: Major French OEM
  • Parts: 48V DC/DC Converters
Korean Supplier of DC/DC Converter

SNECI Activities

  • Review of previous RFQs and proposals sent to the OEM
  • Give feedback based on our knowledge of proposals to be done to the OEM and support for updates if necessary
  • Attend the all technical and/or purchasing meetings in France. Explain all deliverables requirements, follow the RFQ milestones and make sure all deliverables are approved by the OEM
  • Meet all decision makers and organize top-management meetings within the OEM
  • Create trust thanks to a day-to-day local support


  • Nomination for series project ( 5 suppliers were participating) after 6 months full support: Total sales of 126 M€ over 5 years

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