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 GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT Strategy & Market Study

  • SNECI Client: Romanian company specialized in plastic injection molds design & manufacturing
  • Objective: Ensure the global business development of the supplier alongside a successful launch of its project in Morocco
GLobal Development of Romanian Supplier

SNECI Activities

  • Executive management of the company in Romania and Morocco:
  • Manage all entities including Sales, Production, Quality, Engineering, Purchasing, Accounting, and Maintenance
  • Put in place PDCA rules and organize RETEX
  • Review the RFQ quotation services to manage faster and better the 1000 RFQs received on an annual basis
  • Review the sales organization

  • Business Development support:
  • Review client’s presentation
  • Define some product lines priorities
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Analyze the competitors in Romania & Morocco

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