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Interior Interior

  • SNECI Client: Korean supplier
  • Customer of parts: European Automotive OEMs
  • Parts : Innovative Climate Control Panels
Climate Control Panels

SNECI Activities

  • Control CAD data transfer between OEM and Korean supplier
  • Explain all documents required by OEM during RFQ phase
  • Present & monitor current development status at OEM and at Korean supplier
  • Create and send regular reports to Korean supplier organization in Germany and in Korea
  • Lead and manage weekly OEM & Korean supplier R&D team review calls and report & monitor
  • List of Issues & Questions under Korean supplier format
  • SNECI support during production plant OEM Audit in China


  • Green light from OEM engineering team knowing this project was based on the first application of the innovative concept at OEM
  • First Nomination for the Korean supplier at this OEM for serial delivery to Europe and China
  • SNECI European and Chinese team fully integrated in Korean supplier team
  • Korean supplier team trained to OEM methodology by SNECI
  • SNECI nominated by Korean supplier for development phase
  • Award from a major European OEM for project management

Testimonial :

Thanks for your support and good cooperation during the RFQ phase, that has played an important role to receive this nomination.

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