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  • SNECI Client: Italian automotive supplier

  • Project: Analyze the market & find a JV partner in the Middle East

  • Parts: Seating parts

Finding a JV Partner in the Middle East

SNECI Activities

  • Full screening of potential candidates
  • Analysis of interest for selected companies and feasibility study of the deal

  • Organization of meetings with Strategy Departments of European automotive OEMs to ensure the openness of the final customers to such deals, and to promote business worldwide through the investment in the Middle East

  • Currently in discussion / negotiation with one Middle-East supplier

Testimony from the CEO of Italian automotive supplier:

“SNECI’s capacity to penetrate quickly the market was of great value for us, who did not know that market well. SNECI managed to have the right connections and the right entry level, both within local OEMs and suppliers, to ensure that we would have a clear picture of the seating market in the Middle East.
Moreover, SNECI has been promoting actively to European OEMs our negotiations with a JV partner in the Middle East. This has allowed us to establish ourselves as a global player, and in turn has helped us for other business worldwide.”

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