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  • SNECI Client: American automotive supplier

  • Project: Find a partner in China

  • Parts: Chassis parts

SNECI Find a partner in China

SNECI Activities

  • Analysis of the competitive environment in China and screening of potential partners
  • Assistance in approaching potential partners
  • Negotiation support

Testimony from the CEO of American automotive supplier:

“We thought we had a good understanding of the market, but SNECI’s study gave us a much deeper view of the market for our technology. We were very surprised by the amount of information the SNECI team managed to gather, not only on the number of competitors, but also the detailed information (sales numbers, customers, technology) for each of this competitors. Great job!”

Testimony from Asia Managing Director of American automotive supplier:

“Without SNECI’s support, we could not have achieved such an agreement so quickly. Last some 30 years, I have been doing multi-national negotiation. What I know of is for talented people, “translation is more than direct word to word translation”. Although I have very limited Chinese capability, by observing what SNECI was doing, I think you really understand the fine line between direct translation and meaningful translation. When I have somebody next to me whom I can feel that she/he is doing meaningful translation, my full creativity of negotiation is active. You are one of those people who make me feel comfortable to concentrate on what I can do best.”

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