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Purchasing Purchasing

  • Client SNECI Purchasing Services : European Hydraulics System Supplier in France & Italy
  • SNECI Research for : Suppliers in China, India, Turkey, Romania and Poland
  • Parts : Cast and machined parts for Pumps & Valves
Cast and machined parts for Pumps & Valves

SNECI Activities

  • Identification of over 100 suppliers per country
  • Based on RFIs creation of short-list of potential suppliers
  • Signature of NDAs and presentation of RFQs
  • Technical and economical analysis (EXW and DDP) of RFQ answers
  • Recommendation of suppliers


  • Initial report at the end of RFI phase and Final report with recommendations
  • Suppliers chosen based on SNECI recommendations
  • For the plant in Italy: 1 casting supplier in Turkey; 1 machining supplier in Poland
  • For the plant in France: 1 casting and 1 machining supplier in China
  • Mission lead-time: 6 months

Client Purchasing Director Testimony:

“We were extremely happy with the fact that SNECI, thanks to its strong technical expertise, was very quickly operational with minimal training from our side on the products we were looking for, even though they were quite complex. The final results were simply astonishing: in four months, SNECI identified a Chinese company with which we have now entered a long-term agreement, when our own China Purchasing Office had worked for two years on a similar project with no result.

In conclusion, while SNECI allowed us to find competitive and high-quality suppliers through a cost-efficient sourcing mission, most importantly, SNECI proved that they are result-driven, which is key in this kind of mission.”

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