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  • SNECI target: OEM and Tier 1 in China
  • Footprint: France (Valenciennes), Morocco (Tanger)
  • Products: Software and services for production lines optimisation 
Software for production lines optimisation


  • Met through UBIFRANCE (French government agency in charge to promote companies abroad)
  • Definition of client’s strategy, both short-term and long-term, to enter the Chinese market
  • Signature of a Commercial Development agreement
  • Translation of the software in Chinese
  • Screening of potential distributors, negotiation of the agreement with them
  • Umbrella company services and hosting of client employees in China
  • In development with DPCA, CAPSA, Dong Feng Renault (DRAC), Siemens, and Chinese Tier1 suppliers (5 RFQs)

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