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  • SNECI Client: Italian supplier of Fine Blanking
  • Customer of parts: French Tier 1 supplier
  • Mission: Organize the transfer of 10 existing fine stamping tools, within a new strategic orientation of a client
Industrial Projects: Tooling's transfer

SNECI Activities

  • Gather data on tools, analyze documents and requirements from the Tier 1 within the tool transfer scope
  • Build and negotiate the complete offer
  • Validate with the Tier 1 all the logistic aspects ahead of phase, and build a check-list of controls and technical points to verify before the tools transfer for the Tier 1 auditor
  • Build a detailed planning of each tool’s transfer and validation
  • Control the disassembling of each tool, write a detailed report on the state of the tools at their arrival to the plant
  • Follow the tools’ tests and write the complete PPAP files


  • 10 tools homologated
  • Planning perfectly followed
  • Client satisfied and emphasis of the team’s proactivity

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