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After successfully finishing the course of Lean Production I can honestly say that I’m deeply satisfied with theory behind “Lean Way”.

Curriculum was intensive, however because of the highly skilled trainer it was effortless to listen, involve and finally understand.

Presentations where professionally managed by the trainer. Using various tools (games, live scenarios, troubleshooting…), these case studies proving the theory of Lean were more than educational.

Finally I would say that Lean is not just a way of function in production, it is a good way of solving problems in life also.

AD Plastik

As a new supplier of Renault, the logistics performance of our plant was evaluated based on MMOG/LE tool. After the first audit several criteria were not clear and we got the evaluation “C” from the customer (non-.satisfactory).
Renault auditor recommended us to take the training course MMOG/LE by Galia to reach the desired level before the project SOP. After some months I must say that the training module helped us a lot and thanks to the information and ideas acquired from the trainer we prepared and implemented such an action plan that within several months we improved our processes and reached Renault expectations on MMOG/LE.
No doubt it was the best training session I have ever joined.

Logistics Manager at anvis AVT

Anvis AVT

It was the second time I participated in an MMOG/LE training session but the first one cannot be compared in terms of quality with the second one.
I am responsible for the MMOG/LE evaluation in all HELLA plants in Central & Eastern Europe. I had the opportunity to compare my audit  “standard” against the recommended best practice and took many improvement ideas for my work out of this module – explanation of MMOG/LE criteria, process of the audit and logistics management in the automotive industry in general.

I would recommend the training module to all leadership functions in the automotive industry dealing with logistics. For me, SNECI trainer is a real expert understanding the requirements of the automotive industry of the 21st century whose trainer experience is enormous and is willing to share his experience with the training participants. No doubt, this was the best training module I have ever experienced in my career.

HAN-LOG-CEE at Hella Autotechnik

Hella Autotechnik

I took part in MMOG/LE training module organized in our sister Valeo plant in Poland. The training content was clear, well structured and rich in information. I also appreciated the alternation between theory and practice as the theoretical best practices were often illustrated on concrete examples. The trainer had very good presentation skills and several times underlined the added value of the right MMOG/LE audit execution and way how to do it. It fitted me well as MMOG/LE focuses on the supply chain management function that I am responsible for.

I would recommend the training module to all leadership functions from manufacturing, supply chain, purchasing, IT and quality assurance in the automotive industry.

SP & OEM Customer Service Manager at VALEO

 The Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA) mandated SNECI to train their Hungarian Automotive Tier-1 to Tier 2 Suppliers.

Seminar Objectives: To give local suppliers the tools to meet the requirements of the main automotive customers be they German, American and French OEMs.

The main keys to be successful in automotive business development are :

  • To deeply understand the customer needs & requirements relative to company strengths and weaknesses,
  • To be able to propose a competitive solution (QCD),
  • To fulfill all expectations during the project development phase,
  • To have a smooth running mass production.

Seminary Sneci HongrieThe training program comprises sales activities and the first project phases, such as market analysis, RFQ answer, project management, and the production phase such as mass production, quality management, and continuous improvement.

HITA Team as well as the suppliers found SNECI training very efficient and complete. Through this training, the 15 Hungarian suppliers present acquired the necessary basis to cope with international competition. They know now which points to deepen and to improve, and goals to achieve. The training completely fitted to the HITA efforts to have the Hungarian companies prepared to export and to be involved in supplier chain, by the development of management skills.

The training by SNECI experts with 20 – 30 years experience in automotive industry, was fundamental to the success of the seminar.
Indeed, thanks to the application of rigorous methodology and hands-on experience, SNECI has successfully trained over 80 international suppliers in Europe.


Hungarian Investment Trade Agency
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