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Call for projects to support automotive innovation

Call For Projects To Support Automotive Innovation

The French State launched a call for projects to support innovation in the automotive sector

A new call for projects has been launched to encourage automotive innovation. Indeed, on October 24, 2023, the French State updated its support plan for the automobile industry. It aims to support the transformation of this automotive sector which is part of French industrial heritage.

The automotive sector today faces many challenges. The French automobile industry must adapt to respond to the ecological transition and support SMEs in these changes. It is necessary to follow the path of decarbonization by investing massively.
The call for projects of the support plan in the automotive sector aims precisely to respond to these challenges.

Three keywords: environment, innovation, social

Firstly, the guideline is the transition to clean vehicles. The State has put in place aid for purchasing electric and hybrid vehicles, which are now more accessible than before. It also has strengthened the ecological penalty for the most polluting vehicles. France’s vision is to produce 2 million electric vehicles annually by 2030. At the same time, it is planned to end the sales of vehicles with thermal engines before 2035. In this way, change is accelerating and companies in the automotive sector need support.

Secondly, this is why state support also has an industrial dimension. It aims to strengthen company investments in the sector, particularly in research and development. The objective is also to guarantee the production of vehicles and their components in France. Thanks to aid, estimated at nearly 5 billion euros by the State, SMEs should be able to adapt to technological changes.

Moreover, it will be a question of protecting employees in the automotive sector. Our government has put in place measures to support companies that are encountering difficulties, in particular automotive subcontractors. They represent 185,000 jobs alone. As a result, a retraining plan was launched to train employees and enable them to find new jobs.

Call for projects for the automobile industry: innovation 

In addition to these measures, the State has also launched calls for projects to highlight innovation in the automotive sector in 2024. It is a selection procedure by which a public body here, the State, awards financing for projects that meet precise specifications.
In the case of the support plan for the automotive sector, calls for projects are open to companies, associations, and research laboratories. 

They aim to support innovative programs in the following areas:

  • Electric mobility
  • Connectivity
  • Security
  • Circular economy

About the figures: 900 million euros of investments until 2026 for more responsible and robust mobility. This is an opportunity that should not be overlooked for industry players.


To conclude, the support plan for the automotive sector is an ambitious plan that aims to transform this sector to make it more sustainable and more competitive. However, it is essential for our economy to face the challenges of decarbonization. The French government has decided to invest in this sector which is important in the history of French industry.

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