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SNECI Business Cases : Improving Efficiency to Help industrials and Suppliers Internationally 

Everyday we help clients strengthen their industrial performance by improving all aspects of their value chain, from strategy to product development and supply-chain optimization with a unique dual technical and commercial expertise.

All industries and moreover today need to face technological, environmental and structural challenges to be more competitive by adjusting their strategic move to compete with the industry’s evolution, search for profitable growth and position themselves to expand considering an environment that is both volatile and uncertain.

Discover and download our business cases to find our more about our activity and customers’success !

Supporting a French car manufacturer in carrying out audits, coaching and monitoring suppliers in Eastern Europe

How SNECI supports in carrying out audits, coaching and monitoring SD

  • Client: French industrial
  • Sector : Automotive
  • Service : Industrial assessment and quality

Supporting in the start-up of a production line in Poland

How SNECI supports in the start-up of a production line in Poland

  • Client: French industrial
  • Sector : Specialized industry
  • Service : Projects Management – Launch of a production line

Supporting a car manufacturer in China to monitor supplier quality.

How SNECI assists in monitoring supplier quality.

  • Client: French OEM
  • Sector : Automotive
  • Service : SQE

Supporting a french OEM in several Monozukuri workshops

How SNECI assists in the realization of several Monozukuri Workshops

  • Client: French OEM
  • Sector : Automotive
  • Service : several Monozukuri Workshops
  • Duration : 18 months

Supporting the world leader in mobility & security realizing several Poka-Yoke audits internationally

How SNECI assists in the realization of Poka-Yoke audits

  • Client: World leader in mobility security
  • Sector : Automotive
  • Service : Support in the realization of its audits
  • Zone : World

Support for an HD radar supplier in its international business development

How SNECI supports an HD radar supplier in its business development 

  • Customer : HR Radar supplier
  • Industry  : Automotive
  • Services Requested : Support in Business Development
  • Time before results : 3 months
  • Area : EMEA

A global Footprint

Discover our complete range of services with unique dual technical & commercial expertise.

We are an international family-owned service and consulting company with seven decades of experience in the industrial world.
With offices in 10 countries, we support more than 400 industrial companies in 45 countries on their way to success.

Our mission? Improve the industrial and commercial performance of our customers internationally.

In industrial performance, we provide our clients with the means to achieve operational excellence, by accompanying them in their industrial projects or by training and coaching their teams. We also have in-depth expertise in assessing industrial companies and implementing best practices in quality, purchasing and logistics.

In business development, our team partners with suppliers who are expanding into new regions or seeking to acquire new customers by acting as an extension of their sales, project, quality and logistics teams.

We also advise companies on their partnership and acquisition strategy.


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