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Word of the President


With more than 30 years of experience in international relations in the automotive industry, including 10 years at AlliedSignal as Product Manager, Marketing Manager and finally Director of the Foreign Subsidiaries based in England, Italy and Germany, I decided to join SNECI at the end of the 1980s to discover the world of entrepreneurship.

At that time, the family company, which had 6 employees, was mainly involved in commercial relations between France and Germany dedicated to the automotive industry.

Three decades later, we have transformed this small business into an international consulting and services group to provide operational support with an agile, local and expert approach to industrials and their suppliers of all sectors  in order to improve their industrial and commercial performance internationally.

With more than 450 experts (1/3 based in France) around the world in our subsidiaries (Eastern Europe, Russia, China, Korea, ASEAN, India, Turkey and in the MEA) we offer  a meticulous and  advanced expertise close to our customers and local regulations.

My Franco-German heritage and my experience of working with more than 500 clients in 50 countries have given me a precise and global vision of the world and  its structural, organizational, environmental and regulatory challenges that all industries are currently facing.

When I joined SNECI, strategically, I decided to accompany the growth of our group in the development of our services at the international scale for manufacturers through two axes : the improvement of industrial performance and business development – again with this international dimension.

Within our Industrial Performance activities, SNECI has developed various major operational expertises: project management, audit & quality, supplier management, purchasing & supply chain support and training. To this end, SNECI has developed its own ISA® audit tool covering industrial performance, supply chain, quality, finance, R&D and CSR.

In terms of business development, SNECI carries out market studies, strategic missions to penetrate new markets, commercial and financial evaluations and develops new suppliers to conquer new markets with industrialists.

Throughout our history, at SNECI we have been able to create lasting relationships with both our partners and our customers, some of whom have trusted us for over 30 years.

With the appointment in 2017 of Stanislas Bailly as General Manager ; the 3rd generation at the operational helm, our long-term vision is no longer in question, both for the group’s sustainability and for the stability of the shareholding.

This is the reason why SNECI is able to execute its long-term strategy to guarantee the success and satisfaction of our customers and employees.

Our ambition is twofold: to grow alongside our customers and to help our employees reach their full potential through shared values

  • Initiative and Tenacity : The “no” without any alternative is alien to our culture: We create innovative and disruptive solutions to meet the evolving expectations of our clients.

  • Joint Commitment : Know-how and availability in view of a common purpose. We make personal contributions and share all useful information

  • Pushing Our Limits :  “To go beyond…” in order to achieve excellence : We request of each team member to develop its expertise permanently.

  • Quality Relationship : Creation of the foundation for trust and mutual respect. We develop a privileged relationship between our clients and the SNECI team.

Every day, we strive to remain a loyal partner for our clients and to create value while demonstrating impeccable ethics.

On behalf of SNECI’s Board of Directors and our teams around the world, we look forward to continuing to support manufacturers on a global scale and ensure their success for a dynamic, moving and innovative industrial world.

Isabelle BAILLY

SNECI Chairman


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