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Word of the President

I joined SNECI in the late 1980s. At that time, the company was primarily dealing with commercial relationships between France and Germany. Three decades later, we’ve transformed a small family business with 6 employees into an international operational consulting and services group that employs over 150 people in France, Eastern Europe, Russia, China, Korea, and Morocco.

My Franco-German heritage and experience working with more than 270 clients in 40 countries have given me a unique, global view of the world and the challenges that the automotive industry is currently facing.

Strategically, I focused on developing our international services to the automotive industry in two main fields: Commercial Development and Industrial Performance. In terms of Commercial Development, SNECI provides market research, market conquest, supplier management, and partnership management services. Within our Industrial Performance activities, SNECI has developed four major operational expertise: project management, audit & quality, lean management, and purchasing & supply chain.

In an industry that has been profoundly impacted by technological and behavioral transformations, our complementary and practical know-how coupled with our agility, transparency, and reliability allows us to provide industry-leading services to our clients.

Throughout our history, SNECI has created long-term partnerships with French car manufacturers, international suppliers, and organizations, such as GALIA and FIEV. As we’ve demonstrated in the past, we’re always open to creating new ones.

With Managing Director, Stanislas Bailly, as the 3rd-generation at the forefront of the group, and our demonstrated shareholder stability, SNECI is able to execute long-term strategies that secure the group’s future success and financial sustainability. Our ambition is two-fold: to grow alongside our clients and to help our employees reach their full potential. Thus, our partners carry common values like:

  • Exercising our entrepreneurial instincts to identify new opportunities that can lead to our collective success;
  • Pushing ourselves to the limit in order to foster personal and professional growth;
  • Taking initiative to anticipate future needs, allowing us to make bold bets, and having the tenacity to take full advantage of them; and
  • Building collaborative, respectful relationships with our clients and internal teams.

Every day, we strive to remain a reliable, global partner to our clients and create value while exhibiting irreproachable ethics.

On behalf of the Executive Board of SNECI and our teams around the world, we’re looking forward to continuing to support small, mid-size, and large automotive players internationally and to ensure their success in this dynamic industry.

Isabelle BAILLY

SNECI Chairman


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