Our people are our most important asset. SNECI is comprised of talented men and women with diverse backgrounds who are passionate about working in an entrepreneurial environment. This allows us to add unique value for our clients.
Our ambition: to give a meaning to your professional life.



SNECI adheres to high standards of exigencies based on its founding triptyque: sharing of general information, confidentiality of strategic information, transparent relationships.


SNECI develops within a multicultural environment: 40% of our collaborators are of foreign provenience. That allows us to integrate cultural dimensions distinct to each of our clients who have themselves worldwide presence. 30% of SNECI employees are women.


SNECI is a fast growing SME pushing everybody to be constantly a real  “entrepreneur of innovation”.


Diversity of our missions and our constant evolution favor personal development of each employee as well as of SNECI. We invest continuously in the professional expertise of our teams.


As says one of our clients “When they win, we win”. Thanks to a large complementarity of talents SNECI is able to propose innovative and customized solutions to its clients allowing to accelerate and to improve different aspects of the client-supplier relationship.

Customer Satisfaction

SNECI pays particular attention to satisfy its clients repeatedly appreciated with more than 95%.

Our Values

Initiative and Tenacity

The “no” without any alternative is alien to our culture:
We create innovative and disruptive solutions to meet the evolving expectations of our clients.

Joint Commitment

Know-how and availability in view of a common purpose
We make personal contributions and share all useful information

Pushing Our Limits

“To go beyond…” in order to achieve excellence :
We request of each team member to develop its expertise permanently.

Quality Relationship

Creation of the foundation for trust and mutual respect
We develop a privileged relationship between our clients and the SNECI team.

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