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SNECI Ebooks : 70 years of expertise serving manufacturers and suppliers in all sectors

All industries need to face technological, environmental and structural challenges to be more efficient in a an environment that more and more competitive volatile and uncertain.

SNECI offer you the possibility to access various informations gathered in our ebooks to be relevant in your business model and face new challenges.

I.S.A.© audit and carbon footprint reduction

The I.S.A.© audit (Industrial Supplier Assessment). It is the evaluation tool created entirely by SNECI and allowing to carry out customizable audits as well for the industrialists as for the suppliers. This tool allows you to perform an efficient audit thanks to its 300 precise criteria.

Discover the I.S.A.© (Industrial Supplier Assessment) audit, an essential tool for sustainable development and carbon footprint, by downloading our Ebook !

Guide to Good Environmental Practices

The evidence is clear: we are overexploiting the resources provided by the Earth.

Together, we can reverse this trend by simply changing our behavior.

This guide to environmental practices will help you see things more clearly, so download it now !

Digital pollution and Carbon footprint

Email, streaming movies, using the cloud, connected devices … all contribute to digital pollution.

Digital pollution is responsible for 4% of greenhouse gas emissions and is one of the causes of climate change.

Discover what implies the digital pollution and how to reduce it by downloading our E-book !

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