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SNECI CSR Approach


SNECI complies with all prevailing national and international regulation and with the principles below:

SNECI commits to respect Human Rights and promote Universal Declaration of Human Rights within its sphere of influence.
SNECI  ensures to respect and promote the principles of the International Labor Organization. They commit to act with:

  • The effective abolition of child labor
  • The elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labor
  • The elimination of discrimination
  • Uphold the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

SNECI complies with all prevailing environmental law and regulations and ensure to reduce their direct and indirect emissions.
SNECI works against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.

HR policy and employees’ well-being

SNECI’s strength resides in its men and women.
SNECI has two missions :

  • To allow personal accomplishment
  • To create and develop conditions to support the development of skills and the professional accomplishment

Many actions are implemented:

  • Recruitment based without any discrimination
  • Cooptation
  • Training
  • Integration program
  • Career management
  • Benefits (Mutual fund and life insurance, repayment of ticket, lunch voucher, profit sharing …)
  • Team building / booster
  • Modern premises (open-spaces, cafeteria, staff room with football table and piano, patio …)

Gender diversity

The automotive sector remains a male environment. Companies have difficulties to recruit female engineers. Every year, only 20% of engineering school graduates are women.
SNECI is composed of 30% of women and we are always looking to recruit more to achieve parity. This is why SNECI is committed to the association “Elles Bougent”.
The association fights against conventional wisdom and stereotypes in the industry. The aim is to encourage girls from high school to choose technical or scientific studies. In this way, they will be more and more in the automotive industry. SNECI participates in many events organized by “Elles Bougent” every year since 2010.

Association elles bougent Paris Motorshow 2016


SNECI is a multicultural company. 17 nationalities make up the workforce in 2018. This cultural wealth allows us to adapt to the international market and helps to create partnerships with new customers located all around the world.
SNECI’s recruitment policy is based on diversity but also the recruitment of talent of all ages. Employees are between 22 and 63 years old.
Many contracts are with companies employing handicapped people..


As a service company, SNECI has a very limited impact on the environment. But within their capacity, SNECI and its employees contribute to reduce the environmental impact of the company.

  • Sorting waste
  • Replacement of light bulbs with LEDs
  • Light sensors in common areas
  • Recovery and recycling of batteries and printer cartridges
  • Eco-gestures communications
  • Monitoring of electricity consumption

Sustainable Purchasing

As part of its sustainable development approach, SNECI has created in 2018 a Responsible Purchasing Policy and a Code of Conduct for all its suppliers. SNECI wishes to make all stakeholders responsible .


With the aim of continuous improvement, SNECI answered in 2018 for the first time to the EcoVadis evaluation and obtained the Silver level. The goal of SNECI will be to improve this status each year through the implementation of new sustainable actions.

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