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with unique dual commercial & technical expertise

Our Success Stories

Innovative Climat Control Panel
Innovative Climat Control Panel
Innovative Climate control panel
Client SNECI Business Development Services : Korean supplier Customer of parts : European Automotive OEMs Parts : Innovative Climate control panel
SNECI Find A Partner In China
Partner Research China
Client SNECI Partnership Services : American automotive supplier Project : Find a partner in China Parts : Chassis parts
Instrument Clusters
Instrument Clusters
Client SNECI Purchasing Services : Japanese Automotive Tier 1 SNECI Research for : Supplier in Eastern Europe Parts : Instrument Clusters (1 Existing, 1 in Design)
Front & Rear Latches
Client SNECI Business Development Services : German & Czech Automotive Supplier Customer of parts : Japanese & European OEMs Parts : Front & Rear Latches

Interview with Isabelle Bailly

In the framework of its series “Companies of the Year” the French journals “Manager” and “Capital” have interviewed Isabelle Bailly, Chairman of SNECI, to get more insights about activities SNECI provides to the automotive industry.

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