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Hello everyone!

I am a SNECI partner from China. My name is JingCai LIN, Managing Director of Ningbo Zhongjun. I am very pleased to accept the invitation of Ms. BAILLY to talk about the collaboration between our two companies.

Ningbo Zhongjun is a joint venture between China Precision Technology Ltd., a Chinese group, and Uehara Nameplate Co. Ltd., a Japanese group founded in April 2009.

We produce automobile decoration parts such as grills and emblems mainly for Chinese, Japanese and European customers.

We have decided to develop on the European market, to take into account the globalization of the automotive industry but also to limit our exposure to a single market. Thanks to PSA Shanghai, we began our collaboration with SNECI in 2009. In April 2010, we established a stronger commercial partnership. Due to the strong support from SNECI over the past three years, we have successfully acquired 3 clients: PSA, PLASTIC OMNIUM and FAURECIA with 15 new projects nominated. Our sales due to these projects will be close to 10 million Euros in 2014. From our collaboration with SNECI, my team and I would like to offer the following comments:

SNECI’s services are very comprehensive. They not only assist in the development of new customers and projects on the European market, but also provide strong support on project management, logistics and warehousing services in Europe, quality support during serial production and professional training.

SNECI’s teams are very professional. SNECI has a global management team, all while having experienced Chinese project managers and engineers. This allows SNECI to have teams in different regions, and thus have a very good integration between our teams and those of SNECI to better understand ourselves, and thus have a complete and effective communication with our clients.

SNECI has very thorough knowledge of customers on the European market. SNECI has an excellent reputation and brings great trust to clients thanks to the relationships that they have created over many years.

SNECI provides us great value-added services. Our collaboration creates a win-win situation. Our partnership is based on mutual trust that grows every day. On behalf of our company, I would like to thank SNECI for their support and cooperation. I believe the future cooperation between our two companies will be even greater.

Thank you!

JingCai Lin
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