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Employees well-being & the art of sommellerie

Employees Well-being & The Art Of Sommellerie

At SNECI, the well-being and fulfillment of our employees are at the heart of our concerns. That’s why we regularly encourage our teams to take part in enriching and stimulating activities outside their usual working environment.

Recently, we had the pleasure of organizing a “sommellerie” Master class in collaboration with the École de Paris des Métiers de la Table (EPMT). This session, dedicated to Jean-Luc Colombo wines from the Rhône Valley, enabled our employees to get together in a convivial setting and discover the fascinating world of sommellerie.

A gustatory journey to the heart of the Rhône Valley

Hosted by apprentice sommeliers, this Master Class immersed our employees in the secrets of Jean-Luc Colombo wines. As the tasting progressed, they were able to appreciate the richness and diversity of Rhône Valley terroirs. They discovered the subtle nuances and specificities of each bottle.

Guided by the expertise and enthusiasm of the apprentice sommeliers, our employees learned to identify the characteristic aromas and flavors of these typical wines. They were also introduced to tasting techniques, to better analyze the color, tannin and other aspects that make up the complexity and beauty of these wines.

The art of pairing food and wine

In addition to simply discovering the wines, this Master class also enabled our employees to explore the subtle art of food and wine pairing. They were able to learn how to marry Jean-Luc Colombo wines with each stage of their meal, from starter to dessert. It was all done in good spirits, with a tasting of various cheeses.

An enriching and convivial experience

More than just a training course, this tasting evening was a truly enriching experience for our employees. It enabled them to acquire practical skills, strengthen ties with their colleagues and enjoy a convivial and stimulating evening.

The enthusiastic feedback from participants testifies to the positive impact of this initiative.


SNECI would like to warmly thank the EPMT – École de Paris des Métiers de la Table. In particular, Alexandre LESIEUR and Karine DREVILLE are thanked for their invaluable collaboration in organizing this Master class. We would also like to thank the apprentice sommeliers at EPMT for their passion and expertise. They greatly contributed to the success of the evening.

SNECI: A work environment conducive to personal fulfillment

At SNECI, we are convinced that the well-being of our employees is essential to the company’s success. That’s why we do our utmost to create a friendly, stimulating working environment conducive to personal fulfillment.

By organizing events such as this Sommelier Master Class, we encourage our teams to develop their talents. We also encourage them to be open to new experiences.

SNECI: A reliable, committed partner

For over 70 years, SNECI has supported industrial companies in their development in France and abroad. Thanks to our expertise and commitment, we contribute to their sustainable performance.

If you would like to find out more about SNECI and our services, please visit our website or contact us via our contact form.



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