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SNECI wins a large innovative project with a major European OEM

SNECI Wins A Large Innovative Project With A Major European OEM

SNECI has successfully provided a six-month RFQ support to an innovative supplier of DC-DC converters to enter the supplier panel of a major European OEM.

It is usually difficult and time-consuming for a newcomer to win a mission with a foreign OEM. To minimize the cost of its development in a new country and rapidly acquire the essential network within a chosen OEM, an innovative supplier of DC-DC converters decided to get external support from SNECI. 

SNECI has been working with European OEMs since 1952. Nearly 70 years of such experience has resulted in a vast network within the carmakers’ top-management as well as a perfect knowledge of customer-specific requirements (CSR). The last one especially important when moving into new markets.

Our business development activities were especially appealing to the supplier because of the many previous successes working on the development of electronics suppliers in France and Europe overall. DC-DC converters are critical parts for electric and hybrid vehicles, and this market will grow tremendously in the next few years.

SNECI has joined the supplier’s business development team during a request for quotation phase. Our client has already answered to two RFQ before, however, did not succeed to be nominated. That is why, to start, we have reviewed previous RFQs and proposals sent to the OEM and provided complex feedback based on our knowledge of the customer’s requirements. Then, we have attended all technical and purchasing meetings and clarified all deliverables’ requirements to the client. Our team has also followed all RFQ milestones and made sure every output was approved by the OEM. Finally, we have met all decision-makers within the carmaker and organized top-management meetings.

Our activities have led to a nomination of the innovative supplier for a project with total sales of more than 100 Million Euro over five years. Moreover, our day-to-day local support during the six months of the mission has created trust between the client and SNECI, building a strong base for our future collaborations.

As a result, the supplier is now considering working with SNECI to benefit from our support during the development phase with a local Resident Engineer who understands DC-DC converters while being close to the OEM.

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