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Our teams offer you market studies and infographics in order to analyze, understand and measure the threats, challenges and opportunities of the different sectors with which we work, bwhether you are an industrial or a supplier.

Discover and download our market studies and infographics to find out more about market trends and business activities !

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The global battery market for green mobility

The battery is nowadays used for many human activities and areas : 

  • renewable energy,
  • new technologies,
  • transports,
  • mobility, …

Among all these fields, one tends to predominate : 
the lithium-ion battery.

This technology, largely produced today, has shown great technological development over the last decade.


Find out more about The global battery market for green mobility by downloading our Market Sudy.

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Hydrogen in the Energy Transition

Hydrogen is the subject of many promises.


Abundant resources, potentially zero emissions, green mobility, electricity storage  and more.


  • Energy system flexibility tool
  • Self-consumption of renewable energy
  • Electromobility

Find out more about The Hydrogen in the energy transition by downloading our Infographic.


The Industrial Revolution

Industrial revolution

The various developments that have enabled us to move from Industry 1.0 to 4.0

In summary:

  • Mechanization
  • Assembly line
  • Automation

Find out more about The Industrial Revolution by downloading our Infographic.


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