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SNECI: the expert for battery players in Europe

SNECI: The Expert For Battery Players In Europe

SNECI is an expert in the battery field and supports battery players in Europe.

Batteries for Electric Vehicles: Exponential Needs.

With the vote for the Fit for 55 plan and the ban on the sale of thermal vehicles in Europe by 2035, the automotive industry is undergoing an unprecedented revolution.

As early as 2030, it is expected that the European market will have switched to 50% pure electric vehicles (BEV). However, since 40% of the value of an electric vehicle is linked to the battery, the industrialization of batteries in Europe is a key success factor to meet the future demand while guaranteeing European sovereignty over this key component.

ACC, Verkor, Northvolt… So many European players who have launched themselves in the battery sector in recent years. Their first batteries will be coming off production lines in the coming months. Not to mention the historical Asian players already established in Europe: LG Chem, SVOLT, Samsung… Soon to be joined by CATL or SK Innovation… The number of players on the market may seem huge, but it is necessary. By 2030, there will need to be an installed capacity of 1 TWh in Europe!

Battery experts: 100,000 recruitments needed by 2030

However, battery technology skills are currently mainly in Asia, which has long been and remains the heart of the battery industry. More than 85% of installed capacity in the world is in Asia (mainly China and Korea). There is also no specific training in this field in Europe yet, with a shortage of qualified personnel. Recruitment needs for the sector are estimated to be over 100,000 people by 2030!

One of the most serious risks lies in the ability to manage the suppliers of production lines. They do not currently exist outside of Asia.

SNECI, an expert in the battery field

SNECI is present in South Korea since 2007 and in China since 2011. Our firm has developed a real expertise in the battery field for many years. This allows us today to support several battery players in Europe on different aspects of their industrialization:

  • Audit of component supplier,
  • Audit of process supplier,
  • Monitoring of machine development until final acceptance (Final Acceptance Test, FAT) at the supplier to ensure that each machine meets the technical requirements of the customer (functions, safety, ergonomics, maintenance…) and CE certification,
  • Help with the installation and start-up of the production line in Europe.

“The monitoring of machine development and the help with production start-up is essential and a real added value for our European customers. The battery industrialization process is very complex, requires a lot of fine-tuning, with potentially 50% scrap rates at start-up, so putting in place the right resources in Asia and Europe allows manufacturers to significantly reduce the associated risks,” explains Frédéric Laganier, VP Industrial Performance and Supply Chain at SNECI.

“Thanks to our offices in China and South Korea, we now have several dozen battery experts in-house, both process experts and product experts. Our teams support our customers from supplier management in Asia to final industrialization in Europe (France, Germany, Slovakia, Poland…). These skills are highly sought-after in Europe, and many new players are asking us to support them in their industrialization in Europe. We are continuing to strengthen our teams in China and South Korea, to meet the demand in this area,” notes Stanislas Bailly, CEO of SNECI.

SNECI, a leading player in the green transition

SNECI is at the forefront of the decarbonization of industrial players:

  • by supporting manufacturers in decarbonized sectors (batteries, nuclear, wind, solar, etc.),
  • by helping manufacturers assess and reduce their carbon footprint (scopes 1, 2, and 3 upstream).

To be contacted by one expert in the battery field, contact us at or via our contact form.

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