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SNECI introduces its new all-in-one logistics and quality service

SNECI Introduces Its New All-in-one Logistics And Quality Service

SNECI recently launched an all-in-one logistics and quality service to optimize costs and improve the customer-supplier relationship for a major automotive supplier

SNECI’s diversity of skills and expertise allows us to carry out complex, cross-functional missions over the entire project lifecycle for both car manufacturers and their suppliers. Our flexibility and responsiveness, on the other hand, allow us to meet the requirements of our customers by offering all-in-one services and, consequently, reducing costs due to a cutback of third-party service providers.

Following a request of a global Tier 1 supplier (leader in its field with a turnover of more than two billion euros), SNECI has studied how to reduce costs in logistics and quality control in one of its advanced warehouses.

We decided to set up a warehouse adjacent to the carmaker’s premises and managed directly by our local teams to simplify logistics processes and improve responsiveness as well as quality management.

“By integrating the warehouse and the quality management rather than outsourcing them separately, we managed to increase the efficiency of the entire supply chain management, secure quality of inventory, and ensure an immediate and qualified presence in case of a quality incident”, says Frédéric Laganier, Industrial Performance Director at SNECI. “This reactivity together with a significant decrease in the number of interlocutors between the supplier and the carmaker has greatly improved communications and relations with this OEM.”

The numbers speak for themselves: in a few weeks, our client has reduced its logistics and quality costs by more than 20%, while its PPM level has dropped by a factor of 10.

Our logistics services are particularly attractive to medium-sized companies that do not have sufficient internal resources to manage their own logistics flows, especially the long-distance and complex ones. Offering an all-in-one service brings cost synergies and responsiveness that are only possible by setting up our teams on logistics platforms. Such offers widely attract very large groups”, according to Stanislas Bailly, General Director of SNECI. “Following the first success, we expect to have many more requests for all-in-one logistics and quality services coming up soon.”

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