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Export Operators Seminar in St Ouen/Seine

Export Operators Seminar In St Ouen/Seine

On March 1, a seminar for export operators brought together some 150 international development experts, including our CEO, Stanislas Bailly. The aim of the event, held in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, was to exchange views on the challenges and opportunities associated with the internationalization of companies.

Background and participants

The seminar was held on March 1 in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, bringing together 150 international development experts from companies in the Paris region.
Participants included key economic and institutional players such as :

  • CCI Territorial Advisors
  • BPI International Delegates
  • Regional Up Advisors
  • Employees of the Pôles d’Action Économique des Douanes
  • INPI
  • Osci
  • Foreign Trade Advisors

The event was organized by the Île-de-France Region, demonstrating its commitment to the international development of local companies.

Themes and debates

The seminar provided an opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities created by the internationalization of companies. Exporting was highlighted as an important lever for economic growth, with testimonials and concrete examples. Obstacles linked to knowledge of foreign markets and international regulations were discussed, with solutions and practical advice offered.

Companies recognized the crucial role played by export operators in supporting them.

The importance of collaboration and experience-sharing

The event highlighted the importance of collaboration between the various players involved in international development. Companies identified sharing experiences and best practices as a key factor in their international success.

The networking part of the event enabled participants to forge links and exchange views on their specific issues.

Conclusion: a successful seminar for export operators

The seminar was a valuable opportunity for companies in the Paris region to familiarize themselves with the challenges of internationalization, and to consider concrete solutions for developing their export activities. A spirit of collaboration and experience-sharing marked the event. This is essential to the success of Paris Region companies in foreign markets.

SNECI, a company with a long-standing international presence, was able to share its expertise on the subject through concrete case studies.


SNECI, a company with expertise in international development

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