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SNECI invited by Iranian Minister of industry to provide operational excellence vision

SNECI Invited By Iranian Minister Of Industry To Provide Operational Excellence Vision

On July 6, 2017, SNECI, informed and advised by the PFA (French Automotive & Mobility Cluster), has been invited to the Iranian Automotive Council Committee managed by the Minister of Industry Mr. Mohammed Reza NEMATZADEH, to introduce its approach for operational excellence in Iran, in order to define a framework of collaboration between SNECI and the Iranian automotive industry.

SNECI has demonstrated similar experience of improving the automotive industry on large-scale projects with several automotive suppliers to improve competitiveness (quality, costs, lead times, …) in other regions (Eastern Europe, Russia, Morocco, China …). This, coupled to the fact that SNECI is already improving the performance of two major Iranian suppliers, is one of the reasons why PFA (French Automotive & Mobility Cluster) has decided to prioritize SNECI as the first company to be presented as a potential partner on this project, which is of capital importance for the entire sector in Iran.

PFA (French Automotive & Mobility Cluster) is structured around the major French automotive groups (PSA, Renault, Faurecia, Michelin, Plastic Omnium, Valeo), as well as professional federations (CCFA, FIEV, FFC, FIM, GPA and SNCP). PFA’s mission is to consolidate and develop the 4,000 companies making up the fabric of the automotive industry in France, strengthening them in the face of international competition and the increasingly stringent demands of customers and regulations.

PFA compiles a vision of the major challenges faced by the sector in terms of innovation, regulations, standards, industrial competitiveness, skills and jobs. From that, it identifies actions, services and tools, to improve its overall efficiency and that of all the links that make up the chain.

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