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Fields of activity in Industrial Projects

SNECI’s high-skilled Project Management Team accompanies you throughout complete projects or specific project stages while fully understanding customer expectations in all project phases.

Industrial Projects SNECI

Our Services

  • Support of Automotive Suppliers during Project Phases
  • Assistance in understanding customer specifications and methodologies
  • Monitoring of product and process development from nomination until the start of production
  • Synchronization of supplier capabilities and customer expectations following project milestones
  • Communication of sample requirements and monitoring of their conformity
  • Monitoring of product and process validation
  • Follow up on the process or product changes and their potential impact
  • Facilitation of communication between suppliers and customers
  • Organization of regular communication
  • Management of necessary reporting in customer expected format and frequency

Our Strengths

  • Long-term experience in industrial projects management for international SNECI partners and customers
  • High-skilled Project Management Team with engineering knowledge managing more than 50 projects per year
  • Accurate knowledge of customer expectations concerning project management

Success stories in Industrial Projects

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