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Boost your business development with an agile, local and competitive approach!

Entrust your business development to our experts around the world to ensure the growth of your company.
We work with you to develop a customized business strategy that meets your customers’ expectations and your needs and objectives, and then deploy it from prospecting and responding to calls for tenders to the follow-up of acquired markets, including project management.

Market penetration time
Responses to tenders per year
Turnover generated per year

Details of the service

  • A unique Business Development offer for international suppliers
  • Joint development of the commercial strategy
  • Definition of the commercial and product roadmap according to the market expectations
  • Adaptation of your presentations to each customer’s strategy
  • Promotion of manufacturers, their products and technologies, lobbying towards customers through our network
  • Acquisition of new projects thanks to action plans adapted to each RFQ (advice on key stages and customer specifications in the acquisition phase, coordination of customer deliverables, negotiations, etc.)
  • Management of product and process validation
  • Monitoring product or process modifications and their potential impacts
  • Creation of a relationship of trust between customers and suppliers during the life of the projects thanks to local support on quality, costs and logistics aspects


  • Knowledge of customer organizations and decision makers
  • Knowledge of customer methodologies, both in the development phase and in the production phase (quality, logistics, etc.)
  • Reduction of the time to enter a new market
  • Variability of costs and teams according to the progress of development
  • Diversity of technical, project quality and commercial skills and culture of the SNECI team
  • Local sales engineers to guarantee your company’s growth and market knowledge thanks to our 450 employees worldwide

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