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SNECI GreenTech & NewTech Press Review N°1

SNECI GreenTech & NewTech Press Review N°1

This year, we are going to offer you a monthly press review in order to help you discover companies from the GreenTech & NewTech sector.

Here is the first GreenTech – SNECI press review, in which we have selected 10 companies that caught our attention because of their originality and their innovative technologies.

N°1 : Kardinal

Kardinal is a technology company that supports logistics players in the digitalization and optimization of their transport operations. Specializing in optimization for parcel delivery, they use ARO (Always On-Route Optimization) technology, which is a route optimization system for transport players.

What are the advantages of this technology?

It saves time and energy. This saving has enabled the company to obtain the GreenTech Innovation label delivered by the State. ARO has become an indispensable technology for transporters, particularly for urban routes.

This tool is likely to become indispensable for transporters.

No. 2: EP Tender

EP Tender, a company based in Yvelines (78), is developing a product based on the expertise of companies in its local ecosystem.

EP Tender’s mission is to accelerate the energy transition with electric vehicles that allow people to travel in peace, while remaining affordable and environmentally sustainable.

This is achieved through a smart powerbank trailer that is rented on demand for occasional long-distance travel with a seamless user experience.

The Tender carries a 60 kWh battery to power the car during the journey. The Tender is robotic, it can be harnessed or swapped in 2 minutes with the driver at the wheel. For manoeuvres, the Tender is also self-guided in reverse.

You can find a video that illustrates how it works here!

No. 3: CWS (Computed Wing Sail)

CWS is a start-up with 11 employees whose activity is the design of tomorrow’s marine propulsion system: powerful, automated and zero-carbon by means of an additional sail that is a real complement to the propulsion of commercial vessels.

What is the purpose of this sail on such a large ship? This is where the work of an entire team comes into play: the wing attached to a mast, by adjusting itself according to the wind’s direction, will make it possible to relieve the thermal engines in a considerable way and this will avoid large expenses for the shipowners and will avoid burning a few more tons of fuel.

Indeed, by directly using the force of the wind to assist the ship’s engine, the sail-wings generate considerable savings and make it possible to meet the latest IMO regulations (EEDI, EEXI,…).

This technology could revolutionize the world of maritime transport by solving the problem of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. These hybrid ships may be part of the harbor landscape within a few years.

No. 4: Fludis

Fludis is a company that is revolutionizing urban logistics through 2 combinable solutions.

Firstly, a 100% electric inland waterway warehouse boat democratizing river navigation for commercial vessels, thus offering an innovative and carbon-free solution for urban logistics. These boats are capable of transporting 3,000 parcels per day on any navigable river. This solution allows direct access to the heart of cities without worrying about traffic jams or other road problems.

Then, in order to meet the demand for urban parcel transport, the CYCLOFRET®; an intermodal cargo bike; for the transport of last mile goods and/or in warehouses. It has the capacity to transport pallets or containers in Euro-pallet format, with a total payload of 250 kg and a useful volume of 1.7m3.

There is no doubt that after its fundraising in 2020, Fludis will be one of the players in parcel transport in the coming years in the context of city mobility.

No. 5 Hysilabs

Hysilabs has developed the first means of transporting and storing hydrogen like any conventional liquid through its “Hydrosil” solution, which considerably simplifies hydrogen delivery.

Thanks to advances in electrolysis technology, hydrogen can be produced in a low-carbon, economical way and contribute to the objectives that France has set itself in terms of developing renewable energies, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants, and reducing fossil fuel consumption within the framework of the hydrogen deployment plan for energy transition.

This technology makes hydrogen easy to use, with deliveries possible, particularly at service stations. With the democratization of hydrogen and a future breakthrough of this energy in the world of mobility, this solution is necessary to meet the demand that awaits it.

No. 6: BioRenGaz

BioRenGaz offers a new patented methanisation technology that is innovative, ecological and modular through an ecological and profitable methanisation solution that meets current environmental challenges.

This production system makes it possible to harvest two elements: Biogas, for use as energy, and fertilizer for farmers for the production of cereals.

This patented energy production solution allows the incorporation of a renewable crop support to improve the performance of anaerobic digestion in a simple and inexpensive way, with an environmentally friendly material. The BioRenGaz bioreactor is more compact and 4 times more efficient than conventional digesters

Here again, the State has placed its trust in this company, which is supported by Ademe, France Relance, BPI France and many others.

N°7 : Bio Stratège Guyane

Bio Stratège Guyane is the very first industrial laboratory dedicated to the development and innovation of plants located in French Guyana and specializing in eco-extraction.

It develops natural phytosanitary products from processes that valorize the co-products of Guyana’s forestry industry.

What are phytosanitary products? They are simply products used to treat plant organisms in order to obtain a better yield. With this definition one thinks directly of pesticides and other chemicals that impact production and make the product less healthy, except that this company has found the perfect combination to combine yield and ecology by using products from Guyanese industries.

The objective is to offer international cosmetics and nutrition markets access to new eco-responsible and ethical sourcing of active, functional and natural coloring ingredients from agroforestry biomass, agro-processing by-products or local sustainable crops.

N°8 : AgreenCulture

AgreenCulture is a French company that offers a connected and secure solution for agriculture. It designs, develops and produces autonomous solutions for the agricultural world. It designs autonomous and connected agricultural robots, which reduce pesticide spraying.

This technology replaces the tasks of agricultural employees on a farm and facilitates the work of farmers in their daily tasks.

The company has set up a robot, carrying out agricultural work on very large surfaces and equipped with a very high geo-positioning technique (centimeter accuracy). Equipped with tools using artificial intelligence, it probes the environment in order to reduce chemical inputs in the fields and promote ecological and responsible alternatives.

AgreenCulture assists companies in meeting the challenges of automating agricultural machinery in complete safety for the agriculture of tomorrow.

N°9: Alvie

Founded in 2018 Alvie aims to facilitate the transition from intensive agriculture with high environmental impact to new, more sustainable agricultural models.

Alvie helps farmers to save up to 35% of crop protection products and to make better use of bio-control products. This is possible because of the sensitivity of these sprays to different external application conditions, including micro weather.

The technology consists of an on-board sensor on the sprayer, to collect geo-located weather data, and a mobile assistant with an artificial intelligence engine that integrates the sensor data and external data.

With each tractor pass, HYGO analyses and learns the microclimate of the agricultural plots – this is how it gives advice on time slots and recommended doses for each product.

HYGO can be used for all types of crop protection products and is compatible with all agronomic equipment. The return on investment is 3 months.

N°10: Deepki

Deepki digitizes the management of large real estate assets and thus accelerates the transition to zero carbon and sustainability through ESG and data.

It offers solutions for data collection, cost control, maintenance, regulatory anticipation and asset management.

By cross-referencing data from these companies with external parameters (equipment, weather, existing bills, etc.), Deepki users can easily identify potential sources of energy savings.

Deepki’s clients include the French government’s real estate department. Real estate is one of the challenges of the ecological transition, and finding start-ups that focus on real estate management is quite rare in the eco-responsible world.

SNECI and the support of GreenTech and NewTech companies:

Specialized in business development and industrial performance improvement for more than 70 years, SNECI supports SMEs, start-ups and large groups through various solutions and our dual expertise.

  • In industrial performance, we provide our clients with the means to achieve operational excellence, by supporting them in their industrial projects or by training and coaching their teams. We also have in-depth expertise in assessing industrial companies and implementing best practices in quality, purchasing and logistics.
  • In business development, our team partners with suppliers who are expanding into new regions or seeking to acquire new customers by acting as an extension of their sales, project, quality and logistics team. We also advise companies on their partnership and acquisition strategy.

If you would like SNECI’s over 70 years of industry experience and our 450-strong team of experts worldwide to work with you, please contact Laura by email at or directly via the contact tab on our website.

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