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Do you know the company SNECI and its expertise?

Do You Know The Company SNECI And Its Expertise?

Do you know the company SNECI (Société Nouvelle d’Exploitations Commerciales et Industrielles)?

SNECI is a company with almost 70 years of existence and expertise, offering operational services and consulting to improve industrial and commercial performance internationally.

Founded by Eric CHABRERIE in 1952, SNECI used to be managed by Isabelle BAILLY who is nowadays Chairman and has transformed this family company into an international and operational consulting and services group. Although the company has been working between France and Germany since its creation, it has greatly evolved. It is now established in 10 countries with 450 people working with customers in close to 50 countries.

SNECI (headquartered in Levallois-Perret) is present in many countries in order to allow a fast, local and efficient approach.

Indeed, each country has its own culture, history and market, so it is essential to be able to provide multiple, complementary and coherent skills to meet the specific needs of each region.

SNECI’s expertise lies in its specific knowledge of markets and regions in order to offer tailor-made services ranging from performance improvement to business development.

However, once we have talked about industrial performance and commercial development, it is important to go into the details of SNECI’s range of skills, expertise and technicality.


SNECI : an expertise in industrial performance improvement.

Industrial performance is a vital issue for a company and aims to optimize the operational functions of companies by following, among other things, an industry 4.0 model.

When this objective is achieved, we can then talk about operational excellence through the rationalization of production costs to the maximum, using above all agile methods that allow us to correspond to the precise needs of markets, customers and even particular orders.

Industrial performance is based on two axes:

  • The internal dynamics of the organization. The organization’s employees are constantly looking for solutions in all areas, not only in production. Activities such as purchasing, stock management and process optimization are also affected.
  • The second factor is the ability of employees to understand and adapt to their new tasks, which determines the evolution of industrial performance. In this area, training is essential to bring and maintain professionals up to speed. Most of their new jobs do not yet exist. In the near future, a large part of their activities will consist of managing information. Moreover, with the digitalization that is leading to Industry 4.0, we must not lose sight of the fact that these employees will be increasingly employed in tasks involving dialogue with the machine. These tasks will be more complex but also more professionally rewarding.


At SNECI, our industrial performance improvement division supports professionals in various aspects:

  • Industrial Projects: SNECI manages major industrial projects such as production launches and transfers, supportive role for Start of Production at the OEM plants, and the critical suppliers. SNECI provides its know-how in the organizations and the project management by controlling quality, cost, and delay aspects and by managing the risks and opportunities. Moreover, SNECI project teams provide all their business skills in technology as well as in quality, industrial reorganization, and supplier management. Examples of our work include tooling transfer, geometric convergence at a French manufacturer’s factory with the management of 8 key suppliers to ensure production start-up, production transfer and many other projects.
  • Training and coaching: SNECI provides more than 20 training modules, available in 14 languages, that cover the fields of Quality, Purchasing & Supply Chain, Lean Manufacturing, Managerial & Soft Skills, and Customer Specific Requirements. SNECI also provides tailored-made coaching missions on these fields. Our experts start with a diagnosis and an action plan and then provide on-site operational support necessary until the expected results are achieved. Our training and coaching have enabled more than 150 companies to improve their performance around the world.
  • Industrial assessment and quality: With 70 years of automotive experience, SNECI has developed a comprehensive audit tool (ISA) to assess the Manufacturing, R&D, Supply Chain, Sustainable Development, and Financial criteria of any company. After each assessment, SNECI provides action plans to ensure sustainable improvements. In addition, our certified auditors assess the quality systems and processes of your factories according to industry standards (ISO, IATF, specific audits of OEMs, etc.). We have also been involved in subjects such as the upgrading of suppliers in India, the monitoring of tools for plastic moulding in Asia, etc.
  • Sorting and rework: As an automotive quality expert, SNECI supports your deliveries locally by managing sorting and reworking operations. The final inspection takes place either in our warehouses or directly in your plants or customer sites. With our exceptional quality management expertise, SNECI controls and manages the entire quality value chain to secure your products. We operate in France (more than 900 people), Luxembourg, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Turkey and Morocco on issues related to simple sorting and rework, bodywork, paint and foundry rework, as well as other services such as waste management measurement and analysis
  • Purchasing and Supply Chain : We help our customers to improve their competitive advantage by optimizing their purchasing and their Supply Chain, thanks to our cost calculation tools, our in-depth knowledge of more than 12,000 suppliers around the world and our long experience of local integration in emerging countries. This includes missions such as Design-to-Cost, Make-or-Buy analysis, and Monozukuri. Our services include the engineering of the Supply Chain, the establishment and management of operations and the daily administration of flows. We are also reorganizing factory logistics with our turnkey solutions or technical assistance. With 40 warehouses in Europe, our missions range from the management of the China-Europe supply chain, to the sourcing and evaluation of suppliers, through the sourcing and transfer of production for one of our customers …

Our strong expertise in industrial and commercial performance also accelerated between 2001 and 2020, whether in terms of internationalization, partnerships, quality (ISO 9001) or gender mix (43% of SNECI employees are women).

With the sectoral constraints linked to our different industries, we have also developed our environmental involvement through our SILVER certification by ECOVADIS for our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR).


In addition to industrial performance, at SNECI we offer our services in business development:

Our expertise in business development enables us to support manufacturers, suppliers and distributors in their commercial development, both in France and abroad.

We act on several axes:

  • Partnerships, Mergers and Acquisitions: we have done more than a hundred financial analysis of companies, we provide research and identification of targets, technical, industrial and commercial due diligence based on knowledge of the market, support from the negotiation of the agreement until the signature. We have assisted our clients in the search for partners in China, the search for partners for a joint venture in the Middle East, the acquisition of companies in Europe … our expertise is global.
  • Business development: together with our clients, we develop a tailor-made commercial strategy that meets their needs and objectives. We ensure the prospecting of new customer opportunities, the response to calls for tenders, the project management of acquired businesses and their follow-up throughout the serial life of the products. Our good knowledge of customers, our commercial and technical know-how allow rapid and controlled growth in the turnover of our partners who, for some, have trusted us for more than twenty years. We have supported our customers in commercial development on mechatronics, water pumps, DC / DC 48V converters and many more….
  • Aftermarket : Our knowledge of OES and “Private label” markets, supported by our international presence, allows SNECI to develop, validate and offer product ranges to players in these markets. Thanks to our supply network and our logistics platforms, our teams provide our customers with a complete personalized service, from the expression of the need to the processing of the warranty, including delivery to customers with the appropriate packaging and identifications. without forgetting the marketing support with updating of the product ranges to meet the evolutions and demands of the market. We have also supported many customers for whom the after-sales relationship is sometimes time-consuming, especially on the themes of lamps and bulbs or braking…

As you can see, SNECI supports all industrials, whether they are manufacturers, suppliers or distributors, in improving their daily performance. Automotive, energy, defense, aerospace… industry 4.0 is a real challenge for professionals, even more so with the digitalization of many areas as we explained above.

Stanislas BAILLY, Managing Director of SNECI since 2017, continues to instill strong ambitions in the family business. “After opening up Southeast Asia last year, we want to conquer Germany (we won a first contract with a German OEM this year) and are also looking at a presence in North America. To continue this dynamic, we rely on our values (Initiative and tenacity, Collective engagement, Stretching yourself, Relational quality), which thanks to our 450 employees allow us to guarantee the success of the family business which will be celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2022! “

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