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 SOURCING Purchasing & Supply Chain

  • SNECI Client: Tier 1 supplier for security parts

  • Objective: Achievement of local sourcing to create a  plant for localization

Sourcing & Assessment of Supplier

SNECI Activities

  • SWOT analysis of the Russian market per technology
  • Identification of over 50 Tier-n suppliers in Russia
  • Based on RFIs creation of a short-list of potential suppliers
  • Signature of NDAs and presentation of RFQs
  • Visit and evaluation of 2 suppliers from short-list
  • Coaching of a chosen supplier until SOP + three months


  • Communication established with suppliers’ project teams
  • Consultations done for suppliers on the RFQ documents
  • Suppliers presentations and questionnaires with equipment description are sent to the final client
  • 1st quotes received (investments evaluation, price quotation with materials’ share)
  • Series of f2f visits to the suppliers from the short-list is scheduled to be done with the final client

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