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It was the second time I participated in an MMOG/LE training session but the first one cannot be compared in terms of quality with the second one.
I am responsible for the MMOG/LE evaluation in all HELLA plants in Central & Eastern Europe. I had the opportunity to compare my audit  “standard” against the recommended best practice and took many improvement ideas for my work out of this module – explanation of MMOG/LE criteria, process of the audit and logistics management in the automotive industry in general.

I would recommend the training module to all leadership functions in the automotive industry dealing with logistics. For me, SNECI trainer is a real expert understanding the requirements of the automotive industry of the 21st century whose trainer experience is enormous and is willing to share his experience with the training participants. No doubt, this was the best training module I have ever experienced in my career.

HAN-LOG-CEE at Hella Autotechnik

Hella Autotechnik
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