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Launch of “carbon footprint” training in RFQs

Launch Of “carbon Footprint” Training In RFQs

SNECI, a family-owned services and consulting group specializing in international business development and industrial performance improvement, has joined forces with the FIEV (French Federation of Vehicle Equipment Industries) to launch a training course on how to respond to RFQ (Request For Quotation) on the carbon footprint of products.

This training is in response to strong market demand, with automakers now attaching highly detailed questionnaires on product CO2 emissions to their RFQs. The industry’s suppliers must therefore be able to respond in a precise and relevant manner.

 A strong market need and a currently scarce supply

SNECI has observed a very strong demand for CO2 information, and in particular for proper documentation of the CO2 questionnaires attached to manufacturers’ RFQs. This documentation is seen as a key factor in the awarding of contracts. However, no training course on the market is directly dedicated to this need. We have only identified offers focusing on “Carbon Footprint” or “LCA, Life Cycle Assessment”.

 Training provided by SNECI

The training program, developed through various working groups of the PFA (French platform of the Automotive Industry) and the FIEV, will be delivered by SNECI from January 2024, and is characterized by the following:

  • a concrete objective meeting a strong operational need,
  • an interactive format with practical case studies,
  • the possibility of immediate on-the-job application,
  • a reasonable cost given the stakes involved.

It is aimed at all suppliers in the automotive sector, from major groups to SMEs (CSR, sales, production & energy purchasing, methods and industrialization teams, etc.).

Sustainable development, a major challenge for SNECI

For several years now, SNECI has been positioning itself on the theme of sustainable development, which is one of the pillars of its 2025 strategic plan. To this end, the company has surrounded itself with specialists from the automotive sector, who are fully aware of the demands of automakers in terms of CO2 emission reductions.

 A win-win partnership

As part of this partnership, the training provided by SNECI’s teams will be accredited by the FIEV. The FIEV will use its network of members to promote the course (dedicated information meetings, newsletters, specific actions, etc.) and bring in customers.

For its part, SNECI, a registered and recognized QUALIOPI-certified training organization, will attract participants directly.

SNECI will be able to deliver the training:

  • in French and English,
  • in all its geographical areas of operation: France, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North Africa, Middle East, India, South-East Asia, China, Korea and the Americas.

 Discover the training program

The training takes place over one day (7 hours) and covers the main aspects of carbon footprint in RFQs:

  • Carbon footprint issues for automakers,
  • Manufacturers’ carbon footprint requirements,
  • Tools and methods for measuring carbon footprints,
  • Carbon footprint communication.

Participants in this training course will be able to:

  • Understand the challenges of carbon footprint for automakers,
  • Identify automakers’ carbon footprint requirements,
  • Measure the carbon footprint of their products,
  • Communicate the carbon footprint of their products.

 Register today – sessions 2024

The “carbon footprint” training course dedicated to RFQs is now open for registration. The first sessions will take place at the end of January 2024.

To find out more about the dates available, you have two options:

More information about this formation on “Carbon Footprint” training in RFQs.

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