“Carbon Footprint” training in RFQs

Decarbonization - DC01 - Inter/Intra
This training is aimed at all suppliers in the automotive sector, both large groups as well as mid-sized companies and SMEs, and is mainly aimed at the following audiences: CSR teams and CO2 experts (who are not necessarily familiar with the CO2 questionnaire for OEMs and associated documentation rules) / Sales teams, who will have to respond to OEM RFQs / Production and energy purchasing teams, for the documentation of upstream scope 3 and scope 2, in conjunction with their suppliers, or even for the deployment of the approach in their own supply chain / Methods and industrialization teams, for the documentation of the scopes 1 and 2.
1 day

    Training content

    • Introduction
    • Fundamental principles and CO2 issues
    • Calculation of the product’s carbon footprint
    • OEM Automotive CO2 Grill Documentation
    • Practical cases
    • Public databases (ADEME, PFA, etc.)
    • In-depth points/methodological sheets
    • Questions/Answers and Summary
    • Appendices


    Participants will receive a certificate of participation in the training.

    Training methodology

    One of the training challenges is that the trainees can “practice” to be able, at the end of this training, to respond precisely and in a comparable manner to their clients’ RFQs. After a theoretical part, participants will be led to practice through different case studies.

    Course of the training

    This training is offered face-to-face or remotely (via the Teams application).
    The use of a headset is recommended remotely.

    Intended audience

    • Automotive suppliers,
    • CSR teams and CO2 experts,
    • Sales teams,
    • Production and energy purchasing teams,
    • Methods and industrialization teams.

    Objectives and results

    To be able to

    • Understand the carbon footprint issues for car manufacturers,
    • Master the requirements of manufacturers in terms of carbon footprint,
    • Use tools and methods to measure the carbon footprint of a product,
    • Communicate the carbon footprint of your product.


    Your trainer

    Our trainers are automotive specialists (with a background within OEMs) who are fully aware of manufacturers’ requirements in terms of reducing CO2 emissions.

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