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Christmas Party 2023

Christmas Party 2023

SNECI employees at the 2023 Christmas party at the Big Love restaurant.

Big Love for SNECI

On December 14th, the teams of SNECI France converged on the Big Love restaurant of the Big Mamma group. The reason for this gathering? A Christmas party synonymous with sharing, success, and conviviality. Indeed, this evening was the culmination of a fruitful and intense year.

From the moment they arrived, employees were captivated by the warm and festive atmosphere that reigned within the restaurant. The excitement was palpable, fueled by the anticipation of meeting up and celebrating together the successes of the great SNECI family.

An array of delicious dishes, concocted by the talented chefs of Big Mamma, awaited the guests. Antipasti, pizzas, lasagnas, pasta, vini, tiramisus, limoncello… This gourmet spread knew how to flatter all palates and sublimate this moment of sharing.

Christmas Party 2023: Big Conviviality

In this typical Italian trattoria setting, conversations flowed freely while “Secret Santa” distributed his gifts. Laughter, professional anecdotes, and enthusiastic projections for the future punctuated the exchanges, creating a convivial atmosphere.

The evening was marked by joy and good humor, punctuated by inspiring speeches saluting the individual and collective contributions that marked the past year. This parenthesis allowed us to emphasize the importance of the dedication and entrepreneurial spirit that drive the SNECI teams daily.

As the festivities came to an end, the participants left with excellent memories. This “2023 vintage” Christmas party has instilled a dose of optimism and motivation for the year to come.

SNECI expresses its deep gratitude to all of its employees for their unwavering commitment and contribution to the company’s successes.

The company wishes them, as well as their loved ones, happy holidays and a year 2024 marked by success and personal accomplishment.

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