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Isabelle Bailly interviewed in the show “Dans la Bulle”

Isabelle Bailly Interviewed In The Show “Dans La Bulle”

Isabelle Bailly, president of SNECI and the CEE (meaning International Trade Advisors in English) of Hauts-de-Seine, was interviewed on the show “Dans la Bulle”. This show welcomes inspiring personalities for a 15-minute interview hosted by the presenter N’Zo OKEM.

During the conversation, discover the world of Isabelle Bailly who speaks with sincerity and enlightens us on the following:

Her childhood and her dreams

From her aspirations as a young girl to her entrepreneurial vision, discover the strengths that forged the inspiring woman she is today. Her keyword since her young age is DARE!

The success story of SNECI

What is the fascinating story of SNECI, this family business that has been helping manufacturers for more than 70 years? What are the secrets of its success? Discover how SNECI has adapted to market changes and successfully diversified into new growth sectors such as defense and luxury.

The transmission of a legacy

After her father’s governance, Isabelle Bailly took the helm of SNECI and handed over management to her son. What were the challenges and satisfactions of this handover?

The Commitment of an Influential Woman

Isabelle Bailly shares her thoughts on the pay gap between men and women. She gives her valuable advice to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow who aspire to break the glass. Discover interesting anecdotes from her professional career but also from her personal life.


Don’t miss this exceptional meeting with Isabelle who has left her mark on the industry world with her dynamism, vision, and commitment.

Watch the full interview with Isabelle Bailly on LinkedIn or YouTube. Don’t forget to share the video to spread the amazing story of a woman who inspired her time!

Finally, to learn more about SNECI and how we help industrials, check out our website:

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