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SNECI completes its 10th mission in Partnership & M&A

SNECI Completes Its 10th Mission In Partnership & M&A

SNECI advises automotive suppliers and Private Equity funds in their cross-border partnerships and acquisitions.

Thanks to our expertise in the automotive industry, and the technical experience of our teams, we are able to support our customers looking for partnerships or acquisitions throughout the entire process: defining the best targets based on a given number of criteria, assisting in the cross-border negotiations, working on the Due Diligence, and providing support after the closing, to ensure continuation of the business.

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the supplier network worldwide, we are able to find the best targets all over the world.

We then assist our customers during the discussions, not only in coordinating the entire process but also in providing some advice on the negotiations, which can go as deep as helping to draft the MoU. Our multicultural teams are a great asset during this stage.

During the Due Diligence phase, we act as active advisors to review critically the Business Plans, the competitive advantage of the technology and assess the plants. This is being done respectively by our Business Development Managers, our technical experts, and our industry experts.

Finally, our customers really appreciate that we bring support in the post-acquisition, by providing some interim management or by bringing some support on the Business Development, to ensure the continuation of the business with the existing customers.

We can provide this service for some of our customers in Business Development, who are looking for Partnerships to expand in some regions where they are not located yet.

We also work a lot with investment banks that are usually more on the sell side and rely on us to find them the right potential buyers.

“We started offering our services to automotive suppliers, which were the first ones interested by these services, but over the years, we have started to offer support to Private Equity funds, wishing to benefit from our expertise in the automotive industry” says Stanislas Bailly, Managing Director of SNECI and Head of the Partnership & M&A activity. “We have seen a big acceleration in demand over the past few years, and are scaling the team to meet these demands. With OEMs looking more and more for suppliers with a global footprint in a very capital-intensive business, the trend for more partnerships and acquisitions will continue to grow in the coming years.”

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