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Russia: SNECI supports car manufacturers to achieve legal localization demands

New legal framework in Russia (decree 166) demands car manufacturers to achieve a localization rate of at least 60% of supplied parts and components. Based on its extensive Russian market knowledge and on its experience to leverage automotive suppliers to the expected quality and supply level SNECI has been named by a car manufacturer to find local Russian suppliers.

For more than 20 different parts and components including tires, window regulators, rear view mirrors and steering columns, to name only some of them, SNECI identifies, trains and qualifies local Russian suppliers.

SNECI mainly focuses on suppliers able to provide of-the-shelf products requiring only small adaptation to series vehicles in order to avoid important development costs.

Apart of legal constraints, this localization brings also cost advantages to car manufacturers producing in Russia who have to react to economic crisis leading to shrinking volumes and to currency fall.

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