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Eastern Europe: Acceleration of requests in Project, Quality and Supply Chain

Eastern Europe: Acceleration Of Requests In Project, Quality And Supply Chain

Eastern European economies have accelerated in 2017 above the forecasted levels:

  • Czech Republic : +5.0%, the fastest growth in two years
  • Poland : +5.0%, the fastest growth since 2011
  • Hungary : + 3.8%
  • Slovakia : + 3.4%

Czech Republic has also produced a record number of cars in 2017, with 1 413 881 units. Slovakia, with the highest per capita car production in the world, produced 1.025 million vehicles in 2017, just below its 2016 record, and is home to three car plants run by Volkswagen, Kia and Peugeot, with a fourth factory run by Jaguar Land Rover due to come online this year.

The growth in automotive production is causing difficulties in finding qualified labor in the region, and several Tier 1 suppliers are turning to SNECI to meet their needs in project management, quality and logistics, in order to meet the requirements of the builders.

Our global and local network – thanks to our presence in Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic – allows us to respond to ever larger projects in record time with qualified profiles” according to Jozef Lajda, General Manager of the Central & Eastern Europe region. “Our current successes on the automotive market in Eastern Europe, both for OEMs and suppliers, lend credibility to our proposals to suppliers who come to us.

Established for over 10 years in the region, with more than twenty local employees, SNECI is at your disposal if you want to outsource your project management, quality and logistics activities as we do for a growing number of customers.

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