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French OEMs sales results for 2017

French OEMs Sales Results For 2017

The two French car manufacturers Groupe PSA and Renault presented their sales figures for 2017. Those results are consistent with the previous dynamics of the two OEMs, respectively on a fourth and fifth consecutive rise in their sales.

Those figures are similar for the two manufacturers: 3 632 300 vehicles for Groupe PSA with a skyrocketing growth of 15.4%, narrowly surpassed by Renault with 3 761 634 vehicles sold over the year, an increase of 8.5% compared to 2016.

Those two OEMs have both benefited of additional factors: the incorporation of Opel-Vauxhall cars sold since it has been bought by the former on August, 1st 2017 added 403 900 units to Groupe PSA figures. For Renault, the integration of the Russian constructor Lada’s sales gave to the group additional 335 564 vehicles.

Groupe PSA saw an increase of its sales in 5 of the 6 regions it is operating in. In Europe, the number of vehicles sold reached 2 378 600 units (increase of 23.2% in 2017), boosting its sales in every major country it is operating in, apart from the United Kingdom.

Groupe PSA sold additional 378 000 vehicles in China and South East Asia, the only region where Groupe PSA has a drop in sales. Its sales improved by 12% in Latin America with 206 300 units, by 45% in Eurasia up to 15 200 vehicles, and finally in India/Pacific with 26 100 vehicles sold, a region where Groupe PSA is expected to have its commercial launch in India in 2020.

For Renault, 2017 is a record-setting year where sales grow in volume and market shares, positioning it as the first French brand in the world. In Europe Renault cars are the second most sold vehicles, achieving 1 911 169 units for a 5.6% increase. Renault remains the leader on the Electric Vehicles (EV) market with a share of 23.8% and a sales increase of 38%.

The sales volume outside Europe reached 49% of the total sales figures of the group. In Eurasia, sales grew by 13% and the market share is of 24.5% throughout the region. Its presence on the Russian market is reinvigorated following a 4 year crisis, achieving 448 000 vehicles sold and a 12% progression: as for now, more than one car out of four sold in Russia is a Lada or a Renault.

On the Africa-Middle East-India region Renault cars registration increased by 8%. Sales soared in Iran by 49%, reaching 160 000 vehicles. Sales on the America region enhanced by 10% with 380 000 vehicles, in Asia Pacific sales accelerated by 17% (with 72 100 vehicles sold in China, twice the 2016 sales).

For the Groupe PSA, those sales allow the company to reach a 65.2 billion euros sales revenue, a 20.7% growth throughout 2017. From 2018, the Group PSA deploys a targeted product strategy on the international level, with multi-brands and multi-regions, launching a new car per region, per brand and per year.

Renault’s turnover increased by 14.7% at 58.7 billion euros. In its Drive the Future strategy, Renault has as an objective to pursue its growth throughout 2018 by means of its international activities and its renewed range.

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