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Industrial design for an e-mobility start-up

Industrial Design For An E-mobility Start-up

SNECI help an active mobility start-up to design a new product and the related industrial process.  The collaboration aimed to develop an innovative technology for a new urban light duty vehicle.

How did we help?
The team wanted to design an ultra-light vehicle based on a concept architecture and automotive-inspired technologies, from product design to industrialization. In concrete terms, this means using the techniques that have enabled production volumes to increase to produce a robust, high-quality product. Initially, we provided support in this area.

Secondly, after successfully completing our first mission, the managers asked us to work on the process design of an industrial tool.

1st mission: product engineering support & design

The question was how to design this bicycle frame based on an automobile chassis?

SNECI help the company to:

  • Define an estimated cost of strategic components,
  • Align product design with feasibility constraints,
  • Design a technical part of the bike by bringing its own expertise in the automotive industry,
  • Combine design and utility to obtain a unique product.

What are the advantages of using automotive production lines?

  • Economy of scale,
  • Use of proven and robust technologies.

2nd mission: support for industrial tool engineering

SNECI was requested to work on the design of all the processes of the future production site.

SNECI support its client to:

  • Provide product and industrial process approach,
  • Know how to draw the production line,
  • Define Industrial Master Plan for Facility building including Production/Process Area and Logistic flows,
  • Define Inbound Logistic Area according to target production needs,
  • Be able to size the site according to needs,
  • Evaluate the necessary investments.

The aim was to have a scalable model – that grows as the business does.


During our support, we provide our client:

  • Estimation of Should costs for product/process,
  • Specification of the industrial process (BOM),
  • CAPEX and process engineering design.

For more information on this project, please contact us at or use our contact page.

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