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Interview with Isabelle Bailly in “Manager” and “Capital” journals

In the framework of its series “Companies of the Year” the French journals “Manager” and “Capital” have interviewed Isabelle Bailly, Chairman of SNECI, to get more insights about activities SNECI provides to the automotive industry.

Isabelle Bailly outlines the two axes of SNECI Services: international commercial development and improvement of industrial performance. With its presence in Europe and Asia and as of late also in Middle East and Africa SNECI customizes its services to regional demands and supports with its multidisciplinary and intercultural teams clients to achieve their objectives.

SNECI’s complementary and coherent services make it a “one stop shop” and allow understanding, anticipating and solving in a pragmatic way challenges manufacturers in the automotive industry face daily in an ever faster moving market.

The complete interview can be watched and read in French language under

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