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Optimize your internal logistics with SNECI

Optimize Your Internal Logistics With SNECI

There are many challenges in the internal logistics of companies – among others non-transparent flows of materials, transport expenses, evolved transport structures and planning processes, an increasing number of product variants and restricted availability of logistics space in production, increasing number of new projects…

Optimized logistic is about creating the right balance between logistic costs, service level and inventory levels. Are your logistics and supply chain optimized?

As GALIA’s partner for MMOG/LE coaching and audits, SNECI helps you with logistic improvements through:

  • lower costs in internal logistics
  • increasing performance of logistics
  • optimized use of resources, space and industrial trucks
  • secured investment decisions
  • transparent development strategies
  • efficient and stable supply of logistics-based production and mounting areas

The optimization of your logistic flow is a very complex task with lot of parameters and assumptions. If you feel such a need, our service is right here to bring you such support.

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