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SNECI’s Task force to secure the launch of an electric vehicle

SNECI’s Task Force To Secure The Launch Of An Electric Vehicle

SNECI was selected to ensure the start of production of a new electric car and then secure the ramp-up agreement.

The mission of the SNECI Task-Force consists in defining the conditions required to ensure the geometrical convergence on the welding & final assembly lines at the OEM’s plant, and ensuring the quality of the primary parts from the 8 sensitive suppliers located in France and Italy.

For these suppliers of structural steel parts and thermoformed plastic parts, the SNECI team performs the measurements with 3D scanners, the geometrical analysis, the definition of control plans for functional dimensions, the implementation of quality firewalls and the definition of the necessary rework operations and tool changes.

To carry-out this mission, SNECI has assigned a team of 10 people with technical, quality & geometry experts.

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