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Russian automotive market continues its growth in April 2018

Russian Automotive Market Continues Its Growth In April 2018

The Russian automotive market continues its growth in 2018. In April, sales of vehicles in Russia increased by 17.6% compared to the same period of the last year, from January to April 2018, 545.3 thousand cars were sold (in March, growth was stated as 13.9%, in February – 24.7%, January showed growth of 31.3%).

According to market experts, the demand was strongly influenced by the fluctuation of the currency exchange rate (from the moment of sanctions strengthening towards Russia, the ruble has fallen in price against the US dollar by 10%, to the euro by 6%), and by the information about possible increase in vehicles prices.

AvtoVAZ remains the leader of the sales (demand has grew by 17%, to 30.7 thousand cars), KIA has 22% growth and Hyundai has 16% correspondingly. The leader in the percentage growth in April was Honda, the growth in sales of these cars was 943%, up to 490 cars. Volkswagen added 23%, 8.9 thousand cars were sold.

Renault had showed the smallest growth in the top ten market leaders – 3%, to 11.9 thousand cars.

In general, sales growth in the Russian automotive market for 2018 is projected at the level of 12-15% and, according to optimistic forecasts, as early as 2021, sales could reach the level of 2014 – 2.5 million vehicles.

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