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SNECI accompanies a flat steel supplier towards its decarbonation

SNECI Accompanies A Flat Steel Supplier Towards Its Decarbonation

SNECI accompanies a flat steel supplier in Africa in its investment and compliance strategy to meet the automotive industry market through decarbonized steel in the long term.

SNECI and its  Moroccan subsidiary are booming on the African continent, given the many challenges of Africa in terms of industrialization, whether on industry 4.0, green mobility, development and sustainable energy as well as in the important role that Africa wishes to play in the future of global industry.

Indeed, the African industrial development is a complex process plagued by structural constraints of the continent such as infrastructure deficit, uncertain business climate, the insufficiently developed financial markets, the low exploitation of human capital … but it is also a territory of opportunities thanks to its rate of urbanization the highest in the world, a significant growth of domestic markets with a booming middle class and a demographic boom or a strong potential for regional integration.

Moreover, thanks to the growing use of mobile services, countries are becoming more efficient and productive.

Morocco is an example of this good African dynamic. Indeed, the industry sector is a strategic sector for the Moroccan national economy with the adoption of the Industrial Acceleration Plan which aims at :

  • Creating 500,000 jobs in industry out of a total need of 1.3 million;
  • Increasing the industrial GDP to 23% of the global GDP (against 14% currently);
  • Creating an industrial development fund with 20 billion DH;
  • Dedicating 1,000 hectares of land for rent.

The industrial sector has also experienced remarkable development, particularly in the automotive industry, the chemical and para-chemical industry and the food industry.

In particular, the Tangier area, with the arrival of Renault, and the Rabat-Salé-Kenitra region, which has experienced unprecedented dynamism in the automotive sector with the arrival of the car manufacturer PSA in Kenitra, chemical-parachemical (Pharmaceutical Institute, Glaxosmithkline, Salam gas …), textile and leather (Fruit of the Loom, Faurecia . .), agribusiness (Cosumar, the Monegasque, Dari Couspates, Oulmès …), aerospace (Zodiac, Labinal …) etc..

Beyond this “Moroccan example”, the development of the automotive industry in Africa requires in the long run a local supply of flat steel with the technical and quality specificities expected by this very demanding industry.

Thus, a steel supplier, leader on its flat steel market, has asked SNECI to become the African reference supplier of decarbonated automotive flat steel.

Thanks to our Moroccan office and our nearly 70 years of expertise in the automotive industry, we are currently working with this actor, whose commitment has always been to contribute to the industrial development of its territory, to offer the African automotive industry a flat steel – decarbonized in the long run – to enable the African automotive industry to have a green steel of excellence and local.

The objective of this steel supplier who turned to SNECI is, through our advice and expertise, to build and structure a strategic plan spread over time, in order to become the “exclusive” supplier for all of its foreseeable needs of the local automotive industry, i.e. approximately 500,000 to 1,000,000 vehicles and 320 to 450 k tons of automotive quality special steels.

Indeed, the requirements of this industry on the various steels entering in the composition of a vehicle are extreme in terms of regularity, quality, technical characteristics and/or aspect.

These constraints require a review of our client’s existing industrial process as well as its organizational processes to enable it to achieve operational excellence and satisfy the automotive requirement.

Our support is articulated around two main axes:

  • The creation of a technical roadmap (necessary investments / technological axes / raw material supply / control of the “Liquid” and “Solid” phases with a relevant phasing of the investments…)
  • A qualitative roadmap (process control, training / punctual or permanent expertise …) to ensure a gradual delivery at the best quality level to the entire African automotive industry.

These 2 main axes are detailed in a plan of excellence deployed in several phases of technical progress of investments and on several organizational dimensions.

  • An “Industrial, Technological and Process” audit
  • Construction of a phased plan for technical progress and investment
  • Construction of a plan to secure industrial and quality processes
  • Control of the “Solid” phase of galvanized or non-galvanized automotive steel and associated investments
  • Control of the internal liquid phase and associated investments
  • Quality support
  • Progress project certification

SNECI  : 70 years of experience in industrial performance improvments !

SNECI’s expertise allows us to set up a phased and sequenced progress and investment plan for the delivery in time of the different types of steel required by the local automotive industry while respecting the expectations of the automotive industry in terms of excellence, regularity, quality and process control.

Our 70 years of experience and our automotive roots, a complex industry of excellence, allow us to bring our expertise to the automotive industry and to different industrial sectors such as health, rail, aeronautics, energy, defense and different types of mobility.

Our industrial accompaniment is articulated around 5 axes:

  • Industrial diagnosis and project management
  • Definition of the action plan
  • Assistance in the implementation of the action plan – audits
  • Consolidation through training and coaching of teams
  • Outsourcing of your support functions, purchasing and logistics

Our 450 experts working in more than 50 countries are specialized in engineering and project management with a technical DNA and a local approach to guarantee the results expected by our customers. If you would like SNECI’s engineers and experts to accompany you, contact us!

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