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SNECI is assigned as fiscal representative for an Asian supplier

SNECI becomes fiscal representative

As part of the services proposed by its Purchasing & Supply Chain Business Unit, SNECI optimizes and manages logistics flows between suppliers and their customers.

For the first time, SNECI is assigned as fiscal representative for an Asian supplier delivering parts to a European customer, who requests to be delivered according to DDP IncotermsDDP Incoterms. This project is particularly complex, as more than 1,000 references and about 200 containers have to be managed per year.

SNECI first designed an optimized logistics flow for this project, delivering a warehouse in Germany after parts arrival in Antwerp harbor, before acting as fiscal representative of the Asian supplier. SNECI is also in charge for managing the invoices flow, flow that is quite complex given the number of references.

“We see an increasing number of companies asking SNECI to act as fiscal representative, in order to simplify customs and tax issues. We believe that this activity will strongly increase in the future”, says Stanislas Bailly, Managing Director at SNECI. “Working with SNECI reassures both the supplier and the customer, as we are specialized in managing such complex projects and improving communication.”

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