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SNECI supports an HD radar supplier in its development among European OEMs.

SNECI Supports An HD Radar Supplier In Its Development Among European OEMs.

With nearly 70 years of experience and its 10 subsidiaries around the world and more than 400 customers internationally, SNECI naturally shines among automotive professionals whether they are car manufacturers or equipment suppliers.

Our confirmed expertise help us to support companies in their industrial projects as well as for their commercial development.

In this respect, one of the players in 4D Radar imaging has requested our support for its commercial development in Europe.

With an innovative precision technology for the automotive market, our client wishes to enter the European market of car manufacturers.

Therefore, our mission consisted in lobbying potential customers targeted by our client, a supplier of an HD radar for the automotive industry.

We ensured to correctly introduce our client at the right levels and to the right decision makers in the engineering and purchasing departments of the relevant car manufacturers to promote its 4D Radar imaging.

Our expertise and knowledge of the sector enabled us to convince European car manufacturers to share their ADAS technical specifications with our client in order to give our client the opportunity to start technical exchanges in order to promote its products.

Moreover, our sector watch also allows us to be informed of upcoming calls for tenders related to complete ADAS and Radar systems that will be sent by European OEMs to Tier 1s.

Finally, our support allows our client to launch its products with European OEMs.

The success of our mission lies on the close collaboration we have with our client and the regular communication we maintain with him to achieve the set objective. Do not hesitate to download our business case for more informations.

Our mission of  commercial development involves various axes:

  • Support in adapting and updating their presentation to the targeted customers (information research, suggestion of modifications, monitoring, marketing, financial and strategic advice…)
  • Lobbying and organizing meetings with engineering and purchasing teams to promote the HD radar solution
  • Accompanying and supporting our client’s meetings with the engineering teams of the targeted customers (minutes of the meetings…)
  • Encouraging and convincing the targeted customers to order and test our client’s prototypes

Our 70 years of expertise and the quality of our network have allowed us to achieve such a success, as our client signed a first development contract after a few months of cooperation, with a European OEM for its HD radar.

Our success is the result of a global, agile and effective technical approach and our Leitmotif is based on performance, efficiency, cost sharing, transparency and agility of our teams.

Our history with the automotive sector, the fact that we are a member of the FIEV and therefore very oriented towards green mobility and energy transition, pushes us not only to accompany manufacturers towards innovative solutions in Greentech and Newtech in order to develop the vehicle of tomorrow.

And our knowledge of this industry allow us to identify suppliers and equipment manufacturers likely to bring real added value to OEMs, and at the same time we help equipment manufacturers to make themselves known to OEMs by proposing solutions for the mobility of tomorrow.

As our expertise is global, we do not limit ourselves to this aspect of lobbying and helping to gain business, we are able to support manufacturers in improving their industrial performance through various diagnosis tools, but we are also experts in upgrading suppliers to meet the requirements of OEMs.

SNECI is the virtuous bridge that links manufacturers and equipment suppliers towards the mobility of tomorrow by guaranteeing the excellence and quality of parts and processes in the automotive industry.

Our 450 experts working in more than 50 countries are specialized in business development, engineering and project management with a technical DNA and a local approach to guarantee the results expected by our customers. If you would like SNECI’s engineers and experts to work with you, contact us!

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