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Strategic and operational support for businesses

Strategic And Operational Support For Businesses

The economic world is changing rapidly, and automotive companies must face numerous challenges linked to the energy transition. To help them adapt and succeed, the PFA (Automotive Platform) chose SNECI and other players. Explore how our strategic and operational support is structured.

SNECI offers comprehensive support, 80% subsidized, for French companies in the automotive industry. This support includes three components:

  • Component A: Development of a new strategy. SNECI helps you define a strategy adapted to new market realities and the requirements of the energy transition.
  • Component B: Implementation of an action plan. SNECI supports you in implementing a concrete action plan to achieve your objectives.
  • Component C: Monitoring and improvement of results. SNECI helps you monitor and evaluate the results of your action plan to ensure its effectiveness.

This support is aimed at all French companies in the automotive industry which wish to remain efficient and productive in the context of major transformations.

Component A: Strategic Evolution and development of an action plan

In 2021, SNECI was selected to support companies in the automotive industry in their energy transition and diversification.

Part A of the Automotive Recovery Plan, led by SNECI, aims to:

  • Define and implement bold and innovative strategies to help businesses adapt to new market challenges.
  • Support companies in their diversification towards more sustainable and eco-responsible technologies.

SNECI quickly established itself as a reference in this field thanks to its expertise in:

  • Decarbonization,
  • Strategic support,
  • Automobile industry.

This support enable SMEs to:

  • Remain competitive in a rapidly changing market,
  • Seize the opportunities offered by the energy transition,
  • Contribute to environmental protection.

Component B: Implementation of the Action Plan

Part B of the Automotive Recovery Plan, led by SNECI, aims to:

  • Support companies in the implementation of their strategic objectives,
  • Promote their long-term success.

SNECI uses its expertise and its vast network of contacts to:

  • Facilitate access for businesses to new commercial and industrial opportunities,
  • Create strategic connections and successful partnerships.

SNECI offers great flexibility to companies wishing to diversify. For example, the company supports an automotive player in its diversification into the nautical sector.

Component C: Operational Performance of Companies

Part C of the Automotive Recovery Plan, led by SNECI, aims to:

  • Improve business results,
  • Optimize their organization.

SNECI uses its expertise to:

  • Stimulate business performance,
  • Generate tangible results for its clients regarding time/costs/quality.


Thanks to the trust granted by the PFA, our mission is to boost growth and strengthen the competitiveness of businesses.

SNECI operates both in France and internationally via a solid network of partners. This local anchoring allows us to provide tailor-made solutions and systematically instill a new dynamic.

We offer you a turnkey solution to help you meet the challenges of decarbonization and succeed in a changing economic world. SNECI is a trusted partner for those wishing to succeed in their transformation and be part of a sustainable growth dynamic.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about this support.

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