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Webinar invitation “Becoming a PSA Groupe supplier: Requirements & Methodologies”

Webinar Invitation “Becoming A PSA Groupe Supplier: Requirements & Methodologies”

As a company deeply established on the market of automotive services, in France in particular, SNECI constantly follows the activities of the PSA Groupe related to the acquisition of the Opel brand.

SNECI is also an official service provider of NSA audit, QSB + coaching and Industrial Improvement coaching for PSA Groupe’s critical suppliers. That’s why we have planned the cycle of four free webinars, called “Becoming a PSA Groupe supplier: Requirements & Methodologies”.

These webinars are dedicated to all suppliers, both those who have already delivered to PSA Group and those who are just trying to get into its suppliers’ panel.

During our one-hour presentation, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Specific requirements of the PSA Groupe (PCD OV),
  • Upcoming changes for existing GM / Opel suppliers,
  • Plans for the future and current projects,
  • SNECI offerings as a part of cooperation with PSA and promotion of suppliers,
  • Q&A session

The first session took place in September 2018 and we are pleased to invite you to our next webinar on October 18th, November 15th, and December 13th, at 02:00 PM.

For more information, please, contact us at

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